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We are all on some form of a health journey. There are so many high's, lows, detours, uphill battles, and moments of straight up anger. 

You may have found yourself saying, "I've been at this for years, and nothing works. I've already tried that, it didn't work for me."

We start to feel isolated, like we are the only ones in the world trying to get better. 

You google your symptoms and see an endless array of ways to get better but can't seem to find something that resonates.

It's hard. It's frustrating. It's overwhelming. 

It's time to push away all of the B.S. and figure out what works best to heal your personal dynamic. 

How can you step back into being an advocate for your own health? How can you get to the root cause of your symptoms?

How can you come into a greater acceptance of where you are at on this path?

I love guiding/being a partner in crime in helping you to identify what is actually going on--what are the roadblocks to your health.


I work with people in a number of areas: anxiety, balancing moods, finding energy, physical pain, strengthening memory, retention, and focus--while also navigating digestive and immune system issues.

Learn about my journey below:

I work with my clients one-on-one:

To design a personal roadmap in navigating your health challenges.


To co-create an environment that promotes healing.


We dig deep into the root causes of what may be going on.


I help you hold yourself accountable.


We collectively lay out checkpoints along the way to get you on the path to sustained and optimal wellness. 


After countless doctor appointments, spiraling research, and money towards amazon supplements that Instagram told me to buy because I had self-diagnosed sibo (turns out I didn’t).

A dear friend referred me to Elisia. She called me in late January when I thought the sunshine would never come. After all those doctors looked at me like I was crazy when I told them cauliflower made me look pregnant, seasonal depression hitting big time, and intense workouts actually doing more harm than good, Elisia understood. She understood to a point where I didn’t even have to explain myself. My first meeting with her, the confidence not only in her but in myself showed up. Taking everything at my pace including the (very doable) reset, looking into the right supplements, and inner self work. It was all on my time, but she gave me double the strength. As a college student and working almost full time I felt as if life stresses followed me into my sleep. After every meal I was preggo and then crying in the mirror. My thyroid meds from my doctor made me more tired. I was feeling guilty from my relationships, good and bad. I knew I had a choice and I don’t think you have to hit rock bottom to realize that you can do a little each day for yourself. You don’t have to feel all or any of the things that meet any standard to reach out for guidance in self improvement. The BEST PART of this all?? I could work with her from my OWN BED. Yes, welcoming me to her home first, we met but every meeting was over FaceTime/ Skype and was so flexible but professional. Elisia is a forever healer, supporter, and friend. My much of my heart is shared with her and filled by her magic. Thank you thank you- Olivia K.

Working with Elisia was wonderful. I found her services when I was feeling low and completely disconnected with my body and my spirit. I was having difficulty losing weight, struggling with stress management, and overall just feeling unbalanced. I had tried working with traditional nutritionists but felt totally lost after being told, “Well, you seem to be healthy, let’s start counting calories.”

Elisia helped me identify stress triggers, acknowledge previous trauma, and develop new habits to help change how I interact with myself and with others. She helped me look inward, literally (gut issues, food nutrients, supplements) and figuratively (mind, spirit) to heal things like hormone imbalance, digestive issues, and negative self talk.

When you walk out of a session with her you feel supported, capable, and light. Still a work in progress, but I am so grateful for the toolkit I have to continue to heal and grow. -Karli S

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything regarding my health. I have truly enjoyed working with you and I would highly recommend your services to anyone struggling with their health issues and looking for a holistic approach. I have appreciated you listening to me and making accommodations as needed without forcing everything on me at once.  I also appreciate you not just moving forward with a cleanse or elimination of foods knowing that I have had body image issues in the past. Anyways, just wanted to say you are wonderful and to keep doing what you are doing because you ROCK! - Amanda S.


Elisia has been so incredibly generous with her time and energy. My family is very grateful to her for her help. From my first phone call with her, I was very impressed by her knowledge of truly holistic health. Elisia has been a much appreciated support for our family. I am incredibly grateful to her and feel blessed to have met her. -Sarah R


Elisia is one of those rare people that is able to combine years of experience (both personal and professional) with a deep routed intuition of what her nutritional coaching clients actually need. She holds space for you to come to your own conclusions based on your past experiences and how they relate to your present. Our sessions have helped me not only develop more awareness around my own choices, but have also helped me gain faith in my ability to navigate food noise. My advice: If you've dealt with years of dieting, hating your bod, and not trusting yourself... RUN (don't walk!) to Elisia. -Amanda C

Even though our time spent together has been cut short, it was not without merit. You are a gifted teacher of the mind, body and spirit. I learned so much from you. It has opened my eyes to so many possibilities.  I loved learning from you and will miss that. Your passion for what you do is apparent in all aspects of what you do. Thank you for all you do and I am blessed to have met you.- Kathy B


"One notable note, I've noticed that my emotional cycles seems to be a bit more even & stable now.  Not that they were wildly fluctuating, but my depressive, blah, not feeling as worthy lows aren't as frequent & are a little more even now.  I kinda like that! I'm sure it's a combination of the more regularly eating more veggies as well as the homework I've been doing. I'm liking where it's taking me & how much better I'm already feeling!" -D


"-I have also noted some pretty big changes that I have made:

     -greatly reduced my caffeine intake - this was a huge change for me

     -greatly reduced my alcohol intake - don’t even have the same desire to drink it as much. I know that I’ll consume more this week than normal, but I will be mindful of what I am choosing and how much I am drinking.

     -greatly reduced my running to help my body heal

      -focusing on getting enough hours of sleep - even if, at times, I have been going to bed later than is ideal. (I really look to improve this once I’m back)

     -preparing for travel as best I can - I have a food 10 pounds of food, teas, supplements and tinctures with me.


Thanks for letting me share this. I feel like getting stuff is out and important to me as I work to process everything and move forward." -J


"These past few days I've been really feeling stressed & not mentally at my best.  I've realized that some old patterns were trying to make their way into my conscious again of worry & fear.  I've found that I've entertained these old patterns much less this time around before I consciously started to squelch them & deal with them in a much healthier way.  I feel a nice breakthrough with the work we're doing of breaking old, negative patterns." 

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Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA