We are all on some form of a health journey.

There are so many high's, lows, detours, and moments of straight up frustration.

You may have found yourself saying:

We start to feel isolated, like we are the only ones in the world trying to get better. 

You google your symptoms and see an endless array of ways to get better,

but you can't seem to find something that resonates.

It's time to push away all of the B.S. and figure out what works best to heal your personal dynamic. 










This is NOT how the body and mind work. 

How can you step back into being an advocate for your own health? How can you get to the root cause of your symptoms?





So tell me, what are your obstacles? 


I work with people in a number of areas: anxiety, balancing moods, finding energy, physical pain, strengthening memory, retention, and focus--while also navigating digestive and immune system issues.


Working with Elisia was wonderful. I found her services when I was feeling low and completely disconnected with my body and my spirit. I was having difficulty losing weight, struggling with stress management, and overall just feeling unbalanced. I had tried working with traditional nutritionists but felt totally lost after being told, “Well, you seem to be healthy, let’s start counting calories.” Elisia helped me identify stress triggers, acknowledge previous trauma, and develop new habits to help change how I interact with myself and with others. She helped me look inward, literally (gut issues, food nutrients, supplements) and figuratively (mind, spirit) to heal things like hormone imbalance, digestive issues, and negative self talk. When you walk out of a session with her you feel supported, capable, and light. Still a work in progress, but I am so grateful for the toolkit I have to continue to heal and grow. 

-- Karli

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Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA

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