Current Offerings:

Tuesday's and Thursday's 8AM starting 4-27-20
 55 minute slow flow, hip/back opening & stretching. BEG-INT. (no inversions :))
Wednesday's 12PM starting 5-6-20

55 minute cardio/buti/flow/yoga


I will add more classes over time(barre, cardio hiit yoga, plyo movement).

Send me your emails/let me know if you'd prefer a one time text/message on FB. Or click link below!

Tuesday/Thursday 8AM

Password: 512524

Wednesday 12PM 

Password 100100

Suggested donation of $5-7 per class for the first week. (venmo @Elisia-Morgani) (white top is me.) Pay through

Square: )


If you are unemployed/underemployed/small business owner- these classes are complimentary!


Private zoom sessions.

$50 per session via venmo/check.

$65 via square/invoice. 



FIND ME on Instagram: @vedanawellness 



Yoga for me is about consistently telling myself to come back to the breath. We get so carried away in our thoughts, we get caught up in the future, in the past.


I find a real release, and some freedom, in giving myself a real break from the mind.


I believe in an authentic and non-judgmental teaching style. 


I encourage growth of the mind, and breaking down barriers to becoming the best version of ourselves.


My classes are a little bit of everything. My hope is that you will go into your day feeling a bit more zenned out and able to go into the day with more kindness for yourself. 


A little story from when I started my yoga practice:

Yoga for me has always been a challenge. When I first started taking classes, I honestly thought it was a waste of time. I wasn’t out of breath when I was finished, I wasn’t sore the next day, I wasn’t able to keep a straight face. I giggled when I heard others breathe deep, I thought they were so weird. It was such a strange concept to me at the time.


Fast forward quite a few years and here I am. I had no idea of the deep connection that the mind, heart, and body could form. I didn’t know about the profound effects that it has had on healing my struggles of health. I had no idea of the power of the breath in its ability to calm the mind and soothe thoughts that aren’t serving us. That racing mind that had memories that I had never actually uncovered until years later. The difficulty in just one pose, the focus, the concentration that it takes. The feeling after a class where physically and mentally you can’t show up, and child’s pose is the only thing you can handle. When you find yourself fully surrendering to your thoughts so that space for new experiences could come in. When you start to feel compassion for yourself, to grow your self-worth and let go of insecurities.


The giggle I had is ever so present, but it goes more inward. It has become an innate sense of happiness that I have discovered this path and that every step, every pose, every breath, is a little bit closed to that sense of self, that awareness of the mind and that alignment in areas of our lives we are seeking. So here goes nothing, with a lot of loud and deep breathing and perhaps some quiet giggling.


Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA

Virtually Available

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