Why get a health coach?

to have a guide in creating, and sticking to a plan that feels comfortable to you.

to have answers to your questions, I respond to my clients' questions within 48 hours, often much sooner.


to not feel stuck, exhausted or drained by life, and to be held accountable to put yourself as a priority.


you have used up all your resources, I will keep you from falling prey to yet another diet trend or weight loss/energy drink.


to better understand cravings for sugar and carbs, mood swings, fatigue, constipation or lack of regular stools, anxious thoughts, persistent headaches, exhaustion, stress, and a lost optimism about the future. 


to understand why you can't concentrate, why you don't have energy and why your memory isn't the same as it used to be.


to find movement that you enjoy instead of trying a million different workouts and giving up. 


to figure out how inflammatory foods work in the body. we look at foods you are buying, what we can change up, and how to read nutrition labels.


to find nutrient and lifestyle deficiencies so we can start to identify the root cause.


to know I am here to listen, here to guide, here to be your support, and be fully present and committed to your mission. 

My style of coaching:

I use the teachings of functional medicine, integrative and holistic nutrition and also lifestyle medicine. I have a unique approach that allows me to reveal the major source of suffering. 



Working together, we will develop a customized nutrition and lifestyle solution specifically for you. There is no "one pill fits all" approach here, and certainly no fad dieting. I will guide you back to your roots when it comes to eating.


Your symptoms are showing up today because of ten or more different factors. You are an individual with a specific history, lifestyle and body, and we need to look into every possible reason to find a solution. 


You also have hopes for the future and goals. You have a reason why you are now focusing on your health. I like to take time to get to know what is really going on in that body and work from the ground up.


Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA

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