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One-on-One Coaching

 One-On-One Coaching


This program is ideal for those who are motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and are ready for change. The initial process will be getting to know the whole you — your past habits, current patterns, and future goals. From this, we will create a personalized program for you to nourish and renew the mind and body.

What I can guide you to achieve:


-Sustained energy throughout the day.

-Mental focus to concentrate.

-Digestive problems no longer an issue.

-Simple everyday tasks are no longer overwhelming.

-Wonderful, deep sleep and feeling rested and energized feelings in the morning

-A sense of purpose again, feeling excited about your future.

-A healthy sex drive

-Improved memory.

-Healthy, vibrant skin and hair.

-Overall normal menstrual periods and hormone health.



-One on one session: 55-minutes in length, every other week, virtual, on the phone or in person.

-Unlimited email support in between sessions with 48-hour turnaround.

-Recommendations that you are held accountable for in between sessions

-Weekly email check-in where you state how your recommendations are going.

-Introduction to foods that nourish the mind and body.

-Introduction to detoxing the home and personal care products.

-Meal planning guidance, shopping lists, pantry prep.

6-month program (recommended) 12 sessions

3-month program 6 sessions


Initial consultation, 60 minutes, $65 (if we are right for each other, this $65 is applied to your first month's payment) 


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Please know that my calendar is not updated with my exact availability. I will reach out if there is a scheduling conflict! Once a time is booked, I will send over an initial Health History form.​