My Background

 I have a B.S. in Social Sciences and a Certificate of Coaching in Integrative Nutrition and applied Functional Medicine. I am a 200 hour registered Yoga instructor, and a self-compassion meditation guide. Also, I am a movement educator in Yoga, Barre and Buti, and a paddleboard yoga enthusiast.


I believe in a holistic perspective of making sure that every aspect of a person's life is touched upon. My coaching sessions focus on elements including career, stress, exercise, sleep, relationships, finding passion in hobbies, overcoming past emotional trauma, toxicity, and technological overloads.


I have found coaching that incorporates compassion does wonders in healing the body and the mind. I completed a week-long,  mindfulness self-compassion training under Chris Germer Ph.D. and Kristen Neff Ph.D. through UC San Diego School of Medicine. I believe that self-compassion is the cornerstone of all change.


In knowing this, I have an appreciation for putting it out in the open that there will be frustrations, painful emotions, mistakes and lots of falling short of ideals. To introduce new habits and mindsets, we need to be able to deal with self-defeating language and obstacles in a more productive way.


I received a certificate as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Over the course of a year, I became acutely aware of my own body and the need to look at health from a bio-individual standpoint. I have educated and immersed myself in this research. I work to stay up to date, while also remaining able to adapt to the fast-paced nature of new health science. I proceeded to advance my studies in Functional Medicine which gets to the root cause of any dis-ease going on in the body.


My education thus far has allowed me to take a hard look at my own health battles. I realized that I had to become my own advocate and take personal responsibility. I had extreme brain fog, a lack of focus, retention was a challenge, and my energy was non-existent. All of this came from growing up on the Standard American Diet, being over-stressed, reliant on stimulants, and other environmental factors.

Training & Certifications:

  • School of Applied Functional Medicine with Tracy Harrison

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Mindful Self Compassion Teacher Training, UC San Diego School of Medicine with Chris Germer and Kristen Neff

  • Yoga Instructor Training 200 hour, 3 Bridges Yoga Portsmouth, NH

  • 200 hour Barre and Soul Certification, Andrea Isabelle Lucas

  • 200 Hour Barre Certification, Robin Cleveland Marino & Janelle Abbott

  • Buti Yoga Instructor Training 

  • Advanced Buti Yoga Training NYC

  • Silent Retreat Insight Meditation Center-Barre, MA

  • Kundalini Yoga Practitioner


Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA

Virtually Available

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