3 months. Two-60 min. long sessions per month with email follow ups. Weekly check in's. 

You have been doctor to doctor and figure that it might be helpful to have more insight with your condition. You want some guidance to make sure you are on the right path. You also are ready for significant transformation to take place towards the end if effort, time and commitment are put in.

This allows for more time to pin down the root causes of your symptoms, your headaches, fogginess, exhaustion. We look at you as an individual.  We implement nutrients in food, look at belief systems, get better sleep, find energy etc.  

I want to start the process and identify the root cause of my symptoms.

Point me in the right direction:

1.5 Hour Strategy Health Session

Get motivated to enter into the ready-ness stage required for health transformation. I will help you figure out the various dynamics that are going on in the body, and where you can start.  You will receive a follow up email detailing session notes and three specific recommendations. 

You get to focus your session on whatever is the most pressing. We can look at joint pain, digestive issues, autoimmune, food intolerances, hormone imbalances etc.

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6 months. Two- 60 min. long sessions per month with email follow ups. Weekly check in's. 

You are ready to dive in, you have tried many things but having someone hold you accountable long term for your goals is not something you have tried. We address gut health, inflammation, improved immune system, food sensitivities etc. You want a long term commitment to set acknowledgement of healing in motion.

A comprehensive program for you to work through a specific health issue. Here we work long term to really see results.  


I am ready to dive in.

I am putting myself as a priority 


Soul Work Sessions:

60 minute sessions-1 per month.

Address belief systems, emotional patterning, energetic bandwidth, mindset, breath work etc. 

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On-going support and accountability:

Month to month. 30 to 45 minute sessions, 2 times per month. 

Reduced Rate for clients who have been with me for 3+ months. 

You choose what you want to focus on in these sessions.


We can dive into Chakra work, belief system, emotions, something that you are particularly struggling with ie skin condition, migraines, digestion etc.  

On-going support and accountability:

Returning clients: Get back in the groove.

60 minute sessions-1 per month.


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Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA

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