A group of six or less lovely humans - virtually for one month!


You will come into a beautiful container surrounded by equally motivated individuals

who want to focus on health and wellness. It is a time to reset your body, life and mind. 


I am limiting this to six clients or less because I want you to feel heard. I want to fully invest myself in you, for you to feel acknowledged, and as if I am as committed to your journey as you are.

This is your opportunity for a reset.

There are so many coaching programs out there now that take on massive influxes of people, where you only feel like a number yet again. I have been in a few and believe me, its not worth it. 

This will be your tribe for an entire month, and I will be here as your guide!

One month with the option to continue- up to six participants. Start: Beginning on the 10th of each month. 

October 10th, November 10th. December 10th etc.  

Class times will be polled in the beginning of each month in order for ALL to benefit from LIVE sessions.


Two, one hour- health/lifestyle intuitive eating sessions with goal setting. Your journey will begin with a 1:1 video call/phone with me to go over your health history. These will be booked at the beginning of the month prior to the 10th. Must sign up prior to the 1st of each month. 


Two LIVE group movement class offerings per week. These will consist of slow/gentle/stretch yoga, barre, or upbeat movement (hiit yoga style) 


45 minute bi-weekly group meditation. self-compassion/stress based reduction & reflection session per week. Guided meditation to clear stuck energies and restore balance and relaxation. 


  60 minute Group Check-Ins’ LIVE weekly calls. These will surround different topics (see below.) Option to send health related questions via email prior for guidance and direction. 


Immune Boosting/Anti-Inflammatory food prep ideas/recipes. I hope to get us all food prepping together and motivated to try a few recipes here and there as a collective group


Accountability partner assignment. You will be assigned a partner for weekly accountability based on class times; you will choose a time and a day that work’s best for a 10-minute phone call/text conversation/voice message. You will hold each other accountable to accomplish certain things i.e. drink water, meditate for 5 minutes per day, journal, etc.

Individual Sessions will be personalized sessions based on your unique needs. 

For Group Check-In's held each week:
Curriculum will vary month to month.

Week One: Spiritual Nourishment - practices to work in daily life.

- Learn the power of your thoughts and the role they play in encouraging well-being.

Week Two: Food Nourishment- small changes that are manageable. 

-Immune boosting foods to incorporate into daily lifestyle.  

Week Three: Energetic Nourishment- combating effects of stress. 

- Learn how to recognize energies that are not serving you, shift your perception around them. 

Week Four: Lifestyle Nourishment -implementation and understanding.

-Sleep, immune health, digestive health, inflammation, energy- empowering educational practices. 

ALL Inclusive Investment:


 $250 per person Venmo per month.
Square/Invoice/Paypal payments $275 per person.
Sliding Scale offered to those who inquire.

Weekly Payment plans available.

15% off for you and a friend if you sign up together. 

Only 6 spots available each month!

Sign up prior to the 1st of each month.

Once a time is booked, I will send over a few questions for you to answer :)








Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA

Virtually Available

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