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Buti has been a practice that allows me to get into my body, to be able to shatter any negative thoughts as they come toward me with powerful intention.


This is a practice that allows you to empower yourself to take chances and pay less attention to how the world sees you. 


Feelings of not being able to keep up are accepted with no judgment, but the encouragement of challenging yourself is something I will always strive to do.


It is a creative flow that uses strength, power, and letting shit go. Allowing the awkwardness that your body has when attempting new movements to come into acceptance. This practice allows us to be open and alive without thinking too much about how we look, or how we are perceived.


There is no one in the room that gives a shit about how you look or what you are doing, otherwise, they simply do not belong in this practice.

What is Buti yoga?


Buti yoga is a tribe of empowered women who support each other in their quest for health and happiness. The movement methodology is drawn from primal movement, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques to awaken the Shakti energy and free the mind. 


Buti Yoga workouts transform your body and mind with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. 


Buti Yoga isn’t just a workout - it’s a chance to create - let go - connect - and sweat with intention. Every time you step on your mat, you have a chance to break through the emotional or physical barriers that set you free.


What does "Buti" mean?

  • The word buti comes from the Marathi word meaning a cure to something hidden below the surface or kept secret.


For the Soul:

  • The practice of Buti Yoga draws on ancient cleansing techniques called kriyas to stimulate and cleanse the deep abdominal organs - facilitating detoxification on physical, energetic and emotional levels.


For the Body:

  • Spiral Structure Technique®, a signature method used in Buti, uses a multi-dimensional approach to activate and strengthen the deepest parts of your core. Of course, you will also get sculpted shoulders, toned legs and a nice bum.


Shakti / Kundalini: 

  • Buti encourages you to connect with the deepest (and often darkest) parts of yourself to facilitate sustainable transformation.

  • The shakti / kundalini lies dormant at the base of our spine until awakened through asana (movement) and pranayama (breathing techniques). When the body is properly aligned, the shakti mixes with the shiva and students experience a "kundalini awakening" - this can come in the form of tears, uncontrollable laughing, hugging, etc.


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